What the heck is an


Meet yourself where you're at, practice some self love, and treat yo self.

Well, the simplest way to describe it is that it is a boudoir session. But it’s really so much more than that for me. My goal is to help you OWN your body. You are an amazing, magical unicorn, and a bad ass babe. You deserve to feel that way everyday! My goal is to *spoiler* make you feel empowered! Empowered in your own body, empowered with exactly where you are at in this moment. If you’re like, ew, no thank you….That’s totally okay! But I’d like you to also think of challenging yourself to practice some self love. Whether that is doing yoga, eating some yummy pastries, or getting photos taken! Don’t think this is all undies and bras! You are welcome to wear whatever is YOUR KIND OF SEXY. Making you connect with yourself and your body is truly a passion of mine!

A little note from me....

*steps on tiny soap box* If you're doing this as a gift for your partner, that's great! BUT, no matter who you're doing this for, I want you to focus on doing this for you! To feel beautiful, confident, smart, sexy, and amazing! To feel comfortable in the body that you call home. I call them Empowerment Sessions for a reason! My goal is to help you see yourself in a way that is full of love and in a way that can be so hard for us women today (and really every human). With the impossible ‘beauty standards' today, it's hard to feel good about yourself and your body. Who gets to determine what is beautiful anyways? Our mainstream media? Movies? Ads? I don't think so! I honestly believe we are all beautiful in our unique ways, and I'm here to help share that with you. To help you feel amazing, exactly how you are in this moment.

When I'm doing empowerment sessions, I am not just trying to make women feel sexy, or focusing on soley their image. My goal is to make women feel EMPOWERED. I want women to embrace their bodies, and take ownership of their bodies. Whether they don't love this cellulite here (we all have it ladies!), their scars, their petite bodies, their curvy bodies, the fact that someone has taken advantage of your body because they thought they were entitled, whether they don't feel sexy due to abuse or comments made, or they are afraid of overcoming those fears about their bodies and the things that have happened to them. I think it's so so important to practice (keyword practice) self love, and em bracing yourself. It's not just a physical thing, but it's bringing back confidence and joy to women. It's owning time for you, and saying I DESERVE TO FEEL IMPORTANT. I DESERVE TO FEEL LIKE I AM MORE THAN A BODY TAKING UP SPACE. I DESERVE TO FEEL LIKE IT IS MY BODY. Self love is so important in the healing process for pretty much everything.

You deserve to lay in a bed of flowers and feel beautiful and amazing. You deserve to feel okay, you deserve to overcome the things that have happened to you. WE own our bodies, WE are beautiful, We are sexual beings. No one is entitled to our bodies, to make comments about our bodies, to make us feel shameful for embracing our bodies or sexuality. So, remember that when you're doing this, you're not expected to be anything other than yourself. *steps off tiny soap box*


Empowerment sessions start at $450 for a 45-60 minute session, 30 digital images included. 30 images is just enough to make a little black book, so you can purchase an black book through me (starting at $200), or you have those digital images to do whatever you'd like! Make up can be added on for an additional $75.

Discounts are available when doing an empowerment day with your friends!